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Goal 2: Toddler Dungarees

In a previous post 2016 Sewing Goals you may remember I made 5 goals to complete this year. Number 1. Learn how to use my new sewing machine and 2. Make an item of clothing for my little boy! Well here they are!

I found a lovely blog post from Made by Toya showing you step by step how to make a pair of dungarees. I didn’t think they looked too difficult so thought I would give it ago. The fabric I found on an ebay fabric shop with cars and buses on and I fell in love with the print straight away. I wanted a fabric that I didn’t have to pattern match as I don’t feel my skills to manage that just yet.

The pattern was easy to follow. I added a 2cm seam allowance to it as it wasn’t included on the pattern and due to cold weather at the moment and the fabric being cotton linin mix, I ordered a pale blue cotton to use as the lining. The pattern doesn’t ask you to line the trousers but I did as I wanted him to be able to wear them straight away and not freeze!


All in all it took me about 4 evenings, and I love them! I have some more fabric but in a different design which I am going to make another pair out but shorts for the summer.

Without belt


My son is 18 months and they we a little too small as he is very tall so I added a 2 inch belt for length and they fit perfectly!  I also added a turn up so he can grow with them.

I have the clothes bug now, so what shall I make next? I’m thinking of buying the book Sewing for boys as I can’t seem to find that many blogs about sewing boys clothes, Any one used it or can recommend a book or blog with some interesting patterns?

Remember I am still very much a beginner!


With belt!


With belt




5 thoughts on “Goal 2: Toddler Dungarees

  1. Amazing job! Sorry not to have more boy projects on my blog but then, i was blessed with daughters not sons, but if I had them I would definitely sew for them – there seems to be even less choice in the shops for boys than girls (once you get past the sea of glitter butterflies!). There is less boy sewing inspiration out there (sewing skirts and dresses are probably easier) but there are some good sites to be found. If you can tackle the dungarees how about jeans next. Titchy threads have lots of good unisex/boy patterns and a free jeans pattern for 2yrs. Her instructions are really good so should help with the learning curve too!


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