Tipi for a toddler

In a mission to create the perfect playroom (if one ever did exist) I had the brilliant idea of sewing a tipi. I saw one a couple years ago before child and always vowed I would buy them one. Now my little boy is 14 months old and loves reading, I thought this would be the perfect time to make one as to buy they are pretty expensive. This way I can also choose the fabric myself.

Once again I left everything until the very last minute. 4 days before Christmas and I finally start my LO tipi. I did a lot of research for an easy to follow pattern as I’m not quite ready to freestyle myself yet. I found this one on a great blog site the DIY mommy.

I have had my fabric for a long time but decided last minute that I wanted to create a canvas tipi with fabric doors, similar to the one in the blog. This meant I had to order a drop canvas which only arrived a week before Christmas. Once I received that I got started.

The method was pretty straightforward. This tipi is big enough for a toddler and I wanted it to last for a few years. I’m actually surprised by how big it is. I can lie down (with feet stuck out) inside it a read a book with my LO. He can’t get enough of it. I have run into a few problem with it keeping its shape but a few holes drilled into the dowels and tied in place has solved that.

Less ready goes on in it and more peek a boo and taking a run a jump inside it. But what did I expect really!?!

If anyone else has made a tipi or anything for the playroom then please share. I would love to see what others have done.










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