2016 Sewing Goals

A very belated Happy New year everyone. I’ve been meaning to get a new blog going this year but as always life as been slightly hectic since the Christmas break finished. I’m back at work again and my LO moved up a room at nursery which coincided with another ear infection from teething. So the first two weeks of January has been manic. I have been feeling rather uninspired despite all the amazing sewing presents I received for Christmas. I seem to be lacking motivation, until now…

I follow a lovely blog called After Dark Sewing and she has given me the inspiration I needed to set myself some sewing goals. My love of sewing all began in 2015 when I decided to sew my own baby grow blanket for my little boy, then a bean bag and tipi to follow. (the post about the tipi is coming I promise!) throw some Christmas presents into the mix and I managed quite a few projects as a beginner.

For Christmas I got a super duper new sewing machine which I have got as far as unpacking from the box. so my first goal is:

1.Learn how to use my new sewing machine!

Good start!

My second goal is

2. Make an item of clothing for my little boy this year. Maybe dungarees.

I am very proud of everything I made last year, but some of it looks rather amateurish which is fine because I am one. But I want to take more time over the details this year and look at the finish more.

3. Take more care over the preparation and finish of my project.

I was always so excited to finish what I was making I would sort of ‘bash it out’ which leads me onto next goal

4. Don’t leave every project until the last minute. Start early!

And my final goal as I feel 5 is probably enough.

5. Make a blind for the kitchen window which as been bare for 5 years.

So there they are my goals for 2016 and I want to stick to as many as possible.

oh might just add one more: Enjoy doing it and make more time for myself in order to be able to achieve these goals. – Here’s hoping!

Happy new year once again, anyone else made any sewing goals they would like to share, or any project inspiration for me!



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