Classic Tote Bag (Christmas present)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Just a short post about a Christmas present I made and of course couldn’t share until now.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to make your own presents. I decided to make a couple for my family which I will share with you over the next week or so. The first one I made was a Tote Bag for my Grandma. She is very excited that I have started sewing as she used to be a seamstress so I thought I would try and show off some of my (somewhat limited) skills and make her a present.

I saw the Tote Bag kit while I was having a look in John Lewis one afternoon (this was the day I went a bit fabric mad). It was a bit of a cheat sew as the fabric was already draw out but I assembled and sewed it myself. The kit used was from John Lewis, and it is a beautiful flowery fabric with polka dot straps.

I learnt a new stitch as well, a French stitch. Overall I loved it and I have a couple of family members requesting one for them.

Anyone else make their Christmas Presents?



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