Beautiful baby blankets

This is a very simple way of creating beautiful baby blankets, they are a perfect gift for a new arrival and it only took me an hour to put together.

I had originally bought some beautiful cotton fabric for these but I decided as both my friends are having December babies I would buy some fabric a little more snuggly.

I ordered the fleece fabric off of ebay from discover-direct. Both my friends are having boys so I bought this cute baby blue elephant fabric and blue multi coloured car fabric. I ordered some matching baby blue minky fabric to back the elephant fabric and some red minky fabric for the cars.

I measured out a 70cm x 100cm rectangle. You can make your blanket any size you like but this is a good size as it will last a few years.

  1. Pin the two fabrics together right sides and sew all the way around leaving a 2cm seam. I have used a matching thread. leave a 10cm gap on one seam.
  2. Turn the blanket back the right way and invisible stich the gap up.
  3. I decided I would do a border just to give the blanket a bit more shape and hold the two fabrics in place better. Decide on how thick you want your border. With the elephant fabric I used one elephant as the thickness.image
  4. Sew all the around the blanket using a matching or contrasting coloured thread.image
  5. I stitched a I love homemade label on one seam as a personal touch.image
  6. Roll up and tie with a ribbon or a bit of left over fabric and your got yourself a professional looking baby gift!












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