Fabric fabric everywhere!


I have fabric coming out of my ears, I think I have an obsession with buying it and may be a little addicted. I have a few projects on the go (not started) all before Christmas haha!

I feel I need to get a little book to write down all the things I want to make and what fabric to use.

What is everyone making at the moment and does anyone else feel they need to attend an AA group for fabric addiction?

I’m so busy at the moment and all I want to do is sit and sew. As we only have one room to do it in in the house , I share the living room with my husband. He takes great pleasure in listening to my machine going and turning the tv up to 60 with subtitles, just so he has half a chance to understand what is going on in his programme. Noted, I need to buy him wireless headphones for the tv for Christmas as I feel my new sewing machine won’t be much quieter.

Ah well onto the next gift I’m making tomorrow night as well as putting the Xmas tree up. Wish me luck!



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