My first ever project!

When my son was 3 months old I embarked on my first ever sewing project. I had seen all these amazing baby blankets made out of babies first baby grows but the price of them were a little too much to justify whilst on maternity leave, so borrowed my mums sewing machine and thought…

Why not do it myself?

Complete patchwork section.

I watched every ‘how to sew a baby blanket’ tutorial on you tube that I could find and started cutting up my precious baby grows. I managed to get a lot done most evenings once my lo was in bed. It took me a long time; a really long time to finish the patchwork section made up of all the baby grows and there was a lot of unpicking on the way. Finally the main section was complete, I decided I was going to back the blanket with a fleece and found this gorgeous blue fabric with bears on it. I also found some cotton fabric which I fell in love with so decided to create a boarder around the patchwork section of the blanket, because the fleece is so thick I didn’t need to add any wading for padding.

3 months after starting I finally finished the blanket and I must say I am over the moon with it!

What do you think?

The completed item
The completed item

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