My first ever post

This is my first EVER post. I never thought blogging was really for me, but I have found something I love to do and thought I would document it in the form of this blog. Exciting? I haven’t decided yet.

So lets get start then…

I started dabbling with sewing when my LO was first born, after the initial shock of becoming a mum had past I thought I would try and fill my spare time (ha! I was so deluded) with a hobby. I am very creative and having tried my hand at knitting ( which I found so slow going I got bored of very quickly and what is with all the holes? I could not grasp it at all) I turned my attention to sewing. I started small and made a couple of taggies for my LO seeing as they were so expensive to buy and they were a hit so I made a few more.

not bad for a first timer šŸ˜‰ IMG-20150226-WA0006IMG-20150226-WA0007


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