Last – toddler beanbag challenge

My LO turned one last month and once again my idealistic view on everything meant that I have dreamt up this perfect timeline to get everything done. The reality; party sorted, presents sorted, invites only half delivered and my amazing homemade child sized beanbag I was going to make for my LO hadn’t got a look in until 4 days before his birthday. I had ordered everything I need weeks in advance but as always life got in the way.

I finally sat down to start the beanbag 2 days before his birthday.

The pattern I followed was from the Cath Kidston Sew book my friend V bought me for my birthday one year. I have been eyeing up the toddler beanbag for a while and as we have just made room for a playroom in our house I thought it would be the perfect thing to start off my LO’s cosy book corner.

The pattern uses a Calico cushion and then a fabric of your choice for the cover. This gave me the opportunity to practise making it once, before using my nice fabric. I chose this beautiful fabric from a local sewing shop in Swindon called Sew Craft, with safari animals all over it as my LO is obsessed with animals.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow, a few new skills for me to learn. Sewing in a circle for one! ha! attaching a circle piece of fabric to a tube – eekkk! But the book talks you through it so its great for a beginner like me. the cushion turned out amazing and I managed to complete this in one evening. I then moved onto the cover the evening of my LO’s birthday. It took me 40 minutes to suss out how to attach a zip but I mastered it (if I do say so myself) and managed to complete the cover in time for a decent sleep.

I was bouncing off the walls with pride when I finished it. I was pleased with my baby vest patchwork blanket I made but this is the first thing I have made following a pattern and I am so pleased with it as it turned out just like the picture! A success in my books and I now have the sewing bug and planning a tipi for my LO’s playroom for Christmas so watch this space!

Anyone else had a last minute challenge they would like to share or any or their sewing projects in general, I would love to hear about them.

Toddler beanbag sewing project
Toddler beanbag




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